Did you know?  - Except for the Red Ear Slider, ALL other turtle and tortoise species require a Possession Permit from Wildlife NL. Whether before or after you get your turtle, the process is the same. Click here for the contact info and get yours! - The Red Ear and Yellow Belly Slider can live to be 80 years old!
Adopting a Turtle
Turtles are one of the most unique creatures in the world! We are glad to have you here and happy to help you prepare for a most special new family member! We have some requirements but not to worry, we will guide you through every step. Click here to download the Adoption Application. Please complete it and return it to us by email. Adoption Fees: 1) $50.00 plus GST/HST ($57.50 total) for hatchling sized turtles up to 3 inches (rarely available as we do not have an active breeding program) 2) $25.00 plus GST/HST ($28.75 total) for turtles 3 - 6 inches. 3) $0 for turtles over 6 inches. We only offer the Red Ear Slider species for Adoption. We do not ship turtles at any time for any reason. All applicants must come get their turtle in person. Please pay your Adoption Fee by Email Funds Transfer to payments@turtlerestandretirementvilla.ca. Sorry, we do not accept cheques for Adoption or Surrender Fee payments. Proof of Setup: All applicants must have a Basic Setup in place BEFORE we release a turtle to their care. This consists of an appropriately sized aquarium for the size of turtle being adopted, lamp with day heat bulb, floaty dock and a submersible water heater.
Surrendering Your Turtle
There are many reasons why someone might need to Surrender their turtle. It could be anything from an upcoming move to accommodations that wont allow pets, to health issues, to seniors that are having difficulty keeping up with the maintenance labours, to low income earners that cant afford the extra mouth to feed. Sometimes, a person might decide that they just don’t want the turtle any longer. Whatever the case, we are here to help, without judgement or prejudice. Life happens - we understand. With the payment of a modest Surrendering Fee, we will continue to provide for the turtle until a new Forever Home can be found. Until then, a Surrendered turtle is kept in our co-ed pond, featuring enormous swimming and basking space plus fantastic food and treats. Click here to download the Surrender Form. Complete this form and return it to us. Please indicate on the form whether you wish to Surrender with or without aquarium. We will contact you to arrange a date and time to bring your turtle in to the Shellter. Please pay fees by Email Funds Transfer to payments@turtlerestandretirementvilla.ca. Cheques are not accepted for Surrender and Adoption Fees. Please see the Surrender Fee choices below. Surrender Fee Options:  1) If you wish to Surrender your turtle with their aquarium and equipment, the fee is $50.00 plus GST/HST ($57.50 total). To qualify, aquarium must be included and be of appropriate size for the turtle being Surrendered (10 gallons per inch of turtle length minimum, ie: 6 inch turtle x 10 gallons = 60 Gallon aquarium). 2) If you are Surrendering your turtle without aquarium and equipment, the fee is $100 plus GST/HST ($115.00 total).  *GST Registration Number: 749262093RT0001
Do you like what you see? Its way better in person. Tours are available! You’ll get to see our different varieties of turtle species, hand feed them and hold a turtle for yourself!! Only $5.00 per person attending! Email us at team@turtlerestandretirementvilla.ca to book yours!
We greatly appreciate all financial contributions to Turtle Rest and Retirement Villa. If you would like to donate by Email Funds Transfer, please use payments@turtlerestandretirementvilla.ca If you would like to send a cheque, please make payable to:                          Turtle Rest and Retirement Villa Inc.  and mail to 98 Watson Crescent St. John’s, NL A1A 3K4 ** Remember: Never send cash through the mail!! **
Don’t have cash but would still like to donate? Bring your depositable beverage containers to 98 Watson Crescent, or tag your bags at any Green Depot Xpress with “7011770” and they will be automatically credited to the Shellter account!
Used equipment coming soon! Stay tuned!
These are a few of the local people and businesses that have helped us out over the years. Thanks everyone!
About Us
Turtle Rest and Retirement Villa is dedicated to turtle and owner well-being. We are an Incorporated Non-Profit Organization. Our Board of Directors has three seats, consisting of President, Vice President and Treasurer.
             Turtle Rest and Retirement Villa Inc.
General Inquiries: (709) 701-1770                                                                              (709) 572-9159 Email: Team@turtlerestandretirementvilla.ca                       taragfw@turtlerestandretirementvilla.ca Facebook: @turtleshellter                                                                                          @turtleshellter2 Board Of Directors:  Dennis Oliver, President Tanya Constantine, Vice President                         tanyavp@turtlerestandretirementvilla.ca David Matchim, Treasurer
Headquarters and Main Branch                                                                                   Central Branch 98 Watson Crescent                                                                                                       PO BOX 687 St. John’s, NL                                                                                                                 Botwood, NL                                                                                                                                                             A1A 3K4                                                                                                                                A0H 1E0
Wildlife NL for Turtle Possession Permit ** This is only necessary if you have a turtle that IS NOT a Red Ear Slider No, you won’t get a fine or in any other trouble if you already have the turtle!! ** Call: (709) 637-2025  Email: Wildlifepermits@gov.nl.ca
GST Registration Number: 749262093RT0001
If you would like to advertise with us, please send us an email to Team@turtlerestandretirementvilla.ca THANKS!